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Pooya Data Manager!

A new Solution to manage great data


PDM® can help you to gather information in one place and classify it as a tree of subjects. This software gives you opprtunity to:

Create database with forms and fields
You can create any number of forms in banks and in any form will make field so that you can insert records information in a database. Database creation and form and field in this software is easier than ever.
Link databases to look up each other
When a field in a database is, in fact, one record of another bank, a link is created between the banks can facilitate access to relevant information. For example, the author of a book instead of typing can be selected from persons' bank. The same person can be a founder of the Bank of linked centers.
Create tree of subjects and edit it easily
It's important that we can classify records and our easy access to them. One of the most common methods of classifying information is tree. In this software you can produce any number of trees for classifying information that you required to connect to a record. Each tree can be easily edited when necessary.
Fragment texts and assign subject to them
One of the most important strategies in the context of information processing of bulky pieces. In Pdm® can simply use the mouse to select a piece of text and give it a title. Immediately this as a given piece of text stored in an independent record and the voluminous text is attached.
Access records by filter on assigned subjects
When a tree has the authority to classify information, we can find records information based on filter them. For example, we can find records that are connected to three or four different subjects.

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